Born and raised in Iceland. Went to school and learned to read and write and calculate. Learned to dance tango, samba, cha cha cha plus other classic ballroom dances and how to play a guitar but really wanted to learn how to play drums. Think I have forgot everything except the basic stuff, that’s reading, writing and calculating. No. That’s not quite true. I still have the ballroom rhythm inside me and I can’t live without music.

I’ve done lot of things in my life. For some years I worked as a photographer at newspapers and weekly magazines and did some free lance stuff as well. Wrote articles and took the photos and did photo illustrations for books of poems and participated in photo exhibitions. Then I worked some years as a writer. Short stories. Tales for children. Radio plays and TV programs. During those years my purse frequently suffered and to save it from total starvation I took jobs from time to time in fish factories, worked as a waitress, a teacher and a cook on a fishing boat.

I always had this crazy dream of working in films and I don’t know how I found out that behind the film I saw in the dark cinema was a person called editor and that I wanted to become an editor. Guess it makes no difference how and why I became film editor but what matters is that I did. I guess I became lucky or it was meant to be. In June 1985 - a week after I had taken a job as a newspaper photographer, I got a phone call from an Icelandic director and he offered me a job as a clapper and loader and still photographer on his new film. That phone call was my point of no return.